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Finishing the Book

Learn about the craft of writing itself–from creating heart-wrenching characters to putting on those final touches that will make your story great. 

Selling The Product

 Discover how to get your story out into the world by marketing and selling your hard work on your own terms.

Enjoying The Process

Read about enjoying the act of creation by living a healthy life and having the most fun possible as you write and publish your story.

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If you’ve always had this persistent desire to write a book but have never quite gotten around to finishing it, you have definitely come to the right place! 
I’m Kelsea Conrad–mom, wife, student, Dr. Pepper lover, and writer–and my goal is to help you get your story finished!

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I’ll edit your novel for FREE–just for the experience and an HONEST reveiw! Learn more by entering your name and email address clicking the sign up button andclicking the sign up button! You will also be signed up for my bi-weekly newsletter!